• Rating: 50 - 4400 hp (37 - 3281 kW)
  • European Union Stage V commencing in 2019

Since powering the very first diesel shovel in 1926, Cummins has provided the mining industry with reliable power solutions able to perform in any environment, from 6000 feet underground to the harsh Arctic oil sands.

Cummins engines for mining machinery applications provide power rating ranging from 450 hp (335 kW) to 4400 hp (3281 kW), with displacement from 15 to 95 litres. Today Cummins products can be found in a variety of mining equipment worldwide, including haul trucks, excavators, wheel loaders, surface miners and mining trucks

Cummins technical expertise in the industry has enabled us to develop key technologies capable of delivering real value to Cummins mining customer by ensuring high uptime rates under tough conditions and reduced operating costs per ton.

In high horsepower (19 litre and above) mining applications the fuel cost is one of the major contributor to the total cost of operation. At the same time, the rapid expansion of availability of natural gas in various areas of the world has determined a significant cost advantage of natural gas over diesel. The Cummins Dual Fuel engine technology delivers a clear cost advantage by substituting natural gas for diesel in the combustion process, to a rate of 50-70%.

Other technological innovations also include Centinel, an oil management system that all ows the equipment to work up to 4000 hours between service events; and Eliminator, a self-cleaning filter system that reduce system maintenance cost by up to 90%.

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