• Mid-Range engines for Cummins B, C and L engine platforms
  • Heavy Duty engines for Cummins L10, M, N and X engine platforms
  • Cummins offers full factory ReCon engine with Cummins 2 year warranty as standard

Cummins ReCon engines are fully remanufactured to meet Cummins new engine performance specifications. The Cummins recon engines are factory build and tested with full Cummins warranty and support.

Cummins offers a full line of remanufactured engines, long blocks, and short blocks that can replace your current engine. When purchasing a reconditioned engine, your Cummins engine core has a value and will be credited against the purchase of your ReCon engine. Considering the exchange price of an engine, along with the reduced downtime compared to a major overhaul, as well as the quality and warranty assurances that come with a Cummins ReCon engine, replacing the engine just may be the best choice.

Cummins remanufactures engines for a wide range of applications:

  • Agriculture
  • Coach, Bus and Truck
  • Construction & Industrial
  • Mining
  • Marine
  • Rail

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You can enquiry about any Cummins ReCon engines through the Parts Department,

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The Cummins Remanufacturing Process

Disassembly – Engines and parts are completely disassembled with great care to protect and prepare key components for processing – right down to the last screw, nut, bolt and spring.

Cleaning – Each part is carefully cleaned using the latest technology to remove debris without removing any metal, including the use of dry ice, enzymes and lasers for specialized cleaning needs.

Inspection – The latest technology, including ultrasonic inspection, is just one of the many methods used to verify that every ReCon part meets original factory specifications.

Restoration – Cummins uses a variety of techniques to ensure that parts meet original specifications or improved standards of performance.

  • Worn surfaces are restored with thermal spray and laser deposition
  • Computer-controlled lathes and machining centers, together with advanced honing and grinding equipment, renew worn bores, shafts and critical component profiles
  • If a part doesn’t meet specifications, it is scrapped and replaced with a new Genuine Cummins part
  • Any upgrades or supercessions that have taken place in the years since the original part was made will be included as part of the Cummins remanufacturing process
  • State-of-the-art techniques are used to achieve consistent quality in assembly

Testing – Validation testing using fail-safe processes verifies that the performance and reliability of the finished product meet Cummins standards.

Advantages of Cummins ReCon Engines:

  • Remanufactured to latest Cummins performance specifications for improved performance and fuel economy
  • 100% Genuine Cummins new or ReCon parts used for highest quality and durability
  • Every engine tested at the Cummins remanufacturing plant before shipping
  • Low cost or no-cost uprates for more horsepower and newer Cummins engine technology
  • No-hassle engine core acceptance based on a simple visual inspection with no disassembly and no surprise bill-backs for any internal operational failures, including broken or seized crankshafts
  • Fast turnaround to get you back on the job quickly
  • The best warranty in the business backed by the Cummins global service and warranty network
  • Optional Extended Coverage Plans - Parts only, parts & labour only, or parts, labour and travel expense for up to 5 years and various hour limits to fit your operation

Returning Core

The Cummins ReCon engine range is an exchange engine programme and therefore is dependent upon the return of old core

How to return old core

Unsure on the process for returning old core? Please contact your local Cummins Parts department either by completing a Parts Request Form or you can contacting your nearest Cummins location here.

Core Acceptance Criteria

Old core will be evaluated in accordance with Cummins Core Acceptance Criteria. Old core will be accepted if this criteria is met, and no surcharge applied. If the returned old core does not meet the acceptance criteria, a core surcharge will apply.

Full details of Cummins Core Acceptance Criteria is available to view of Cummins QuickServe at the following website: https://quickserve.cummins.com

Marine reconditioned (ReCon) engines

  • Commercial and Recreational engine applications
  • A wide variety of engines in stock for fast turnaround
  • 100% Genuine new or remanufactured Cummins parts for highest quality
  • Exchange packages to replace like Cummins units, Repower packages to replace ANY brand in virtually any boat
  • No-hassle core acceptance
  • Two-year, 2000-hour warranty on all models (extended coverage plans also available)

Cummins ReCon engines available for marine applications:

ReCon Engine

Power hp Power kW
4BT 150 112
6BT/6BTA 152 - 210 113 - 157
QSB5.9 227 - 472 169 - 352
6CTA 300 - 430 224 - 321
QSC8.3 493 - 593 368 - 442
QSM11 295 - 611 220 - 493
KTA19 425 - 700 317 - 522
QSK19 660 - 755 492 - 563

Cummins Marine ReCon Brochures

You can enquiry about any Cummins ReCon engines through the Parts Department,

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