Think of Terberg and you picture fleets of specialised vehicles scuttling around sea ports, airports, terminals and logistics centres – trusty workhorses that seem in perpetual motion shunting trailers around. The Dutch family business has certainly come a long way since launching its first terminal tractor at the Port of Rotterdam back in 1973. Although, Terberg’s roots actually go back 150 years when it began life as a blacksmith’s forge.

Cummins has partnered with Terberg for the past three decades, starting with the supply of mechanical engines, then on to the Quantum Series engines and now the ultra-clean Stage V Performance Series that will power Terberg’s latest generation YT Series of yard tractors.Terberg New YT in Port

Jeroen van Ginneken, Director – Off-Highway Engines Sales at Cummins, explains “Cummins and Terberg have built a long term partnership through close collaboration across our sales, engineering and service organisations. This joint effort means quality products for their customers. The latest example is our Performance Series engines, which are delivering more capability to Terberg’s machines through our higher power density and improved efficiency.”

There is great excitement at Terberg Special Vehicles’ Benschop headquarters, in the Netherlands at the prospects for the new YT193 and YT223, deliveries of which are scheduled to start in summer 2020. The new yard tractors feature a patented galvanised chassis and a raft of design and operational improvements geared to greater driver comfort, reduced maintenance costs and higher output.

As standard at the heart of each machine is the six-cylinder Cummins B6.7 Performance Series Stage V engine, which delivers more than 30% more torque and 5% more power than its Stage IV predecessor. In addition, Cummins Single Module™ aftertreatment system combines DOC, DPF and SCR, supporting the removal of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and facilitating easier maintenance. The new Single Module™ aftertreatment design is up to 40% smaller and 20% lighter than previous systems, making packaging in new equipment designs easier. All that on top of greater fuel efficiency and near-zero emissions.Cummins B6.7 Performance Series Engine

“The strong 30 year relationship we have had with Cummins made it a natural choice for us to select their Performance Series Stage V engines for our new YT193 and YT223 yard tractors. The capability of the product coupled with the engineering and the parts & service partnership has enabled us to deliver more value to our customers.” commented Rob van Hove, Managing Director at Terberg Benschop

Terberg YT yard tractors are used as tugs at many distribution centres where, thanks to their optimised 4x2 driveline and gearbox, they have proven themselves highly adept at trailer shunting. Another important factor in their success is a lifting fifth wheel, which saves valuable time for the operator.

The Cummins B6.7 Performance Series Stage V engine also appears in Terberg’s highly acclaimed low entry distribution trucks, the DT183LE and DT223LE.