Cummins Remanufactured Products

ReCon® is the name used within Cummins to designate our line of genuine remanufactured parts and engines. Cummins ReCon products are not just repaired or rebuilt.  They are  remanufactured in TS – and ISO – certified factories around the world. Every product is completely stripped, cleaned and brought back to Cummins specifications. When equipment life cycle calls for an overhaul or repower, the old engine core or components can be traded for Cummins ReConditioned (ReCon) exchange engines and components.

Exchange Programme

Cummins ReCon is an exchange progamme where Cummins genuine Recon engines and components are purchased, and old engine and component core must be returned. Old core is used as the base for a new remanufactered ReCon product. 

Why buy a ReCon product?

  • Fast turnaround will get your equipment up and running and earning money again in hours.
  • ReCon products are of high quality and incorporate the latest product upgrades.
  • Best warranty in the business.
  • Cummins gives value for your old Cummins engine or part.
  • No hassle acceptance of your old product, because of a simple visual inspection.
  • Direct availability of a full inventory of ReCon products near you.
  • Environmentally responsible alternative.

Contact Cummins

You can enquire about Cummins ReCon engines and parts through your local Parts Department

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Remanufactured Engines

Cummins offers a full line of remanufactured engines (up to and including 19L), long blocks, and short blocks that can replace your current engine:

  • Mid-Range engines for Cummins B, C and L engine platforms
  • Heavy Duty engines for Cummins L10, M, N and X engine platforms

Cummins offers full factory ReCon engines with Cummins 2 year warranty as standard, available for a wide range of applications:

  • Agriculture
  • Coach, Bus and Truck
  • Construction & Industrial
  • Mining
  • Marine
  • Rail

Cummins ReCon is an exchange engine programme and therefore is dependent upon the return of old core

How to return old core

Unsure on the process for returning old core? Please contact your local Cummins Parts department.

Core Acceptance Criteria

Old core will be evaluated in accordance with Cummins Core Acceptance Criteria. Full details of Cummins Core Acceptance Criteria is available to view on QuickServe Online.